How to enjoy Cat café PuchiMarryHow to enjoy

Spend a comfortable cat cafe

A certain distance is necessary for both humans and cats to be comfortable.

You can play with the cats, chat with your friends with a drink in your hand, or just stare at your smartphone by yourself.

Enjoy communicating with cats

Cats sometimes want to be alone, and sometimes want to play with like us.

If cats climb to a high place or hide, please leave them alone.

It is also a good way to communicate with cats if they come close to you.

Cat sleeping face

Some examples of how to have fun in Catcafe example

  • play with cats
  • photographing
  • enjoy your time alone on your smartphone
  • reading books
  • chatting with friends
  • live streaming

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can children visit the Cat Cafe alone?

Children of junior high school age and above can enjoy themselves alone. Children under junior high school age are required to be accompanied by an adult or older relative.


Q. Is there a child fee?

We charge the same fee as adults. Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge.


Q. How much does it cost per person?

You can enjoy a 30-minute session for as little as RM30. One day pass plans are also available for those who wish to stay longer.


Q. What is the payment method?

Payment can be made in cash, Touch'n Go, or various credit cards.


Q. Do you allow smoking?

This is a completely non-smoking environment.


Q. Can I bring my own toys for cats?

Please do not bring in any toys. We have some toys available in the store.


Q. Can I bring my own food and drink?

Please refrain from bringing in any food or drink drom outside. All courses include All-you can drink.


Q. Can I give treats to cats?

We have optional treats for the cats. There is a daily limit on the amount of food that can be given, so please ask our staff for details.


Q. Can I make a reservation?

We do not take reservations. You will be served in the order in which you arrive.


Q. Is it okay to take photos in the cat café?

Yes, there is no problem. But please do not take pictures using a flash.


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